meraki ms225-48, ms225-48 meraki switchCisco meraki ms225-48

Created for small-to-medium sized offices with significant connectivity needs, the MS225-48 Layer 2 Ethernet switch brings a lot of networking power in an affordable entry-level package.

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Out of the box, the MS225-48 includes forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, along with four SFP+ 10-Gigabit ports providing uplink.  Additionally, the MS225 series features both physical and virtual stacking for bandwidth expansion, allowing for stacks of up to 80G of total throughput.  This makes it exceptionally easy to expand an initial MS225-48 expansion to suit growing business needs.

Ease-of-use is the hallmark of the Meraki line.  Meraki is specifically designed to bring virtually all of the power and flexibility of high-end, high-maintenance hardware in a package that's accessible to businesses of all sizes.  There is no other brand of networking products available today which offers the same level of power while requiring so little training to successfully utilize.  This makes it a perfect choice for growing businesses that cannot afford to employ full-time experienced IT professionals for network oversight.

No specific skill beyond basic computer knowledge is necessary to deploy, install, and maintain a Meraki network.  Much of the work is fully automated.  The cloud-based mesh-network system automatically configures and optimizes itself based on installed hardware, and even updates its own firmware whenever new software is released.  All an administrator has to do is set security and access policies.  However, the Meraki Dashboard interface still allows deep unit configuration and robust data analytics, for power users who need full control over their business network. From precise reporting to bandwidth-shaping via Layer 7 app-level policies, Meraki is both powerful and easy to implement.

MS225-48 DatasheetMeraki is revolutionizing enterprise-level networking, and the MS225-48 could be an excellent starting point.  Download the full MS225 data sheet for more details, or just contact Hummingbird Networks for a consultation on the benefits of Meraki.