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Cisco meraki ms225-48FPmeraki ms225-48FP, ms225-48FP meraki switch

Bringing a lot of power and flexibility to data- and power-hungry SMBs, the MS225-48FP is specifically designed for implementation in offices with a large number of PoE-dependent Internet appliances.  

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All forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet ports on this Layer 2 switch support full 802.3at PoE power, from a total power pool of 740W.  This allows for full support of downstream 802.11ac WiFi access points, IP phones, videoconferencing, and more.  Four 10G SFP+ uplinks ensure superior bandwidth for all users, while smart QoS and power-balancing features keep both the data and the power flowing smoothly throughout the network.

Should a growing business need additional bandwidth and power quickly, local stacking allows sets of MS225-series units to form stacks with up to 80G in bandwidth.  Due to the ease of configuration Meraki is known for, setting up such stacks is truly just a matter of plugging in the new unit(s) and registering their serial numbers.  

Such simple configuration is true for every device in the Meraki line, including their switches, WiFi APs, videophones, and more.  Their smart mesh-networking system recognizes all attached Meraki devices and self-configures them for optimal utilization.  Network duties such as security are spread across each device, while the user can oversee everything from the easy-to-use Meraki Dashboard GUI interface.  Even a networking newcomer can quickly and easily get a handle on a Meraki network, while power users can enjoy some of the best data-gathering and analytics available for any enterprise-grade networking system.

MS225-48FP DatasheetFew brands can move a business into modern-day network architectures as quickly and easily as Meraki.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more, or to try out Meraki for free in your own office.

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