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Cisco Meraki ms250-24 Meraki MS250-24 Switch

Meraki ms250-24, ms250-24 switchSuitable for many small-to- medium-sized branch and campus applications, the MS250-24 offers a great balance of power, flexibility, and performance for operations without the need for Power-over-Ethernet service, at a highly competitive price.

The MS250-24 is a Layer-3 Ethernet switch featuring twenty-four Gigabit Ethernet ports backed by four SFP+ 10-Gigabit uplinks.  It features both static and dynamic routing options, as well as built-in DHCP functionality.  For additional bandwidth, the MS250 series can be physically or virtually stacked, up to 80G in total throughput.

For additional security in can't-fail applications, the MS250-24 also features support for redundant field-replaceable power supplies.

Like all Meraki hardware, the MS250-24 is remarkably easy to set up and administrate.  The cloud-based mesh-networking architecture is largely self-configuring and self-optimizing.  The network analyzes every attached device and automatically configures itself for best utilization.  Likewise, in the case of physical device failure, the mesh is self-healing and capable of routing around failed systems while minimizing the effects on users.

It's not even necessary for an administrator to handle software upgrades.  A Meraki network automatically 'phones home' to periodically check for firmware updates, and installs them without the need for any administrative input.  

Everything is controlled through the revolutionary single-pane-of-glass Meraki Dashboard system, which gives full oversight and control of every level of a Meraki network.  From top-level system-wide security policies, to device-specific Layer 7 application restrictions, everything is handled through a simple and intuitive GUI that requires no network-specific expertise to handle.

MS250-24 DatasheetMore and more businesses are discovering the benefits of Meraki networking.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about the Meraki product line or to schedule a free in-office trial of Meraki networking.

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