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Cisco Meraki ms250-48 Meraki MS250-48 Switch

Meraki ms250-48, ms250-48 switchThe MS250-48 is a superior mid-level option in Meraki switching and routing, featuring full Layer 2 and 3 support and robust configuration options.  It could be a good investment for any medium-sized branch or campus deployment.

This switch features forty-eight separate Gigabit Ethernet ports, backed up by four ten-gigabit SFP+ ports providing bandwidth.  It allows for both static and dynamic routing, as well as including DHCP services.  For units in can't-fail mission-critical deployments, the MS250-48 can also utilize user-replaceable redundant power systems to bring maximum uptime.  Likewise, DHCP failover services are also available to ensure continuity of connectivity.

Should an enterprise need additional bandwidth or ports, the MS250-48 allows for both physical and virtual stacking.  Stacks of up to 80G in throughput are allowed, and extremely simple to set up.  They are basically plug-and-play. 

The Meraki line is well-known for making high-powered enterprise-grade networking simple.  The cloud-based mesh-networking architecture uses a combination of local coordination and remote configuration to allow a fully self-optimizing, self-healing network.  Beyond setting basic security and access policies, almost no administrative oversight is truly needed - Meraki can largely self-administer.  

For more extensive deployments, users of any level of expertise have full control via the Meraki Dashboard system.  This single-pane-of-glass GUI allows easy access to Meraki configuration from any terminal or modern smart device.  Global policies can be enacted, or administrators can 'drill down' to device-specific policies and Layer 7 app configuration.  No other brand of networking appliances available today allows so much administrative power, while requiring so little training or prior networking knowledge.

MS250-48 DatasheetIs the MS250-24P the right choice for your growing network?  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more, or get a full consultation on the benefits you could see from Meraki.

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