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Cisco meraki ms250-48LP MS250-48FP Meraki Switch

meraki ms250-48LP, ms250-48LP meraki switchDesigned for medium-to-large scale branch and campus deployments, the MS250-48FP Gigabit Ethernet switch features high bandwidth and high power options to support environments with a wide mix of users and IP devices.

The MS250-48FP supports both Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing, static and dynamic.  It has forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, each supporting 802.3at PoE+ with a total power pool of 740W.  By using smart LLDP-based systems to determine downstream device power needs, the MS250-48FP can easily support a large deployment of IP phones, videoconferencing appliances, and WiFi access points.  Sufficient bandwidth isn't an issue either, thanks to the four SFP+ ten-gigabit uplinks and high-quality QoS bandwidth management.

Should more ports or bandwidth be needed, local and virtual stacking is supported by the entire MS250 line, up to 80G.

The MS250-48FP also includes DHCP server, relay, and failover support for greater deployment flexibility.  In scenarios where failure is not an option, it also allows for user-replaceable dual redundant power supplies.

MS250-48FP DatasheetDespite all this power and flexibility, the MS250-48FP remains simple to deploy, set up, and administrate.  The smart mesh-networking system handles most optimization by itself, as well as being self-healing in the case of individual device failure.  Users can access the intuitive Meraki Dashboard management system for all high-level management.  The Dashboard allows for configuration at all scales, from global security policies to device-level manual bandwidth shaping.

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