ms120-8lp switchmeraki PoE switch

With eight PoE-enabled Gigabit Ethernet ports backed by two SFP uplinks, the MS120-8LP has everything a small- or home-office needs to keep its workers and its devices connected to the Internet.  It could also be an excellent hub to connect a Meraki WiFi access point to, allowing quick and easy setup of both.  

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Either way, thanks to the revolutionary Meraki mesh network architecture, you won't find an easier or more user-friendly networking experience on the market.Designed primarily for the smallest of businesses and startups, the Meraki MS120-8LP packs all the power of an enterprise-grade Layer 2 switch into a small, lightweight desktop package that any operation could afford.  There are few better ways out there for operations of any size to make the leap into Cisco Meraki networking. 

Meraki products are capable of self-configuring and self-optimizing, maximizing the potential of all attached hardware.  Likewise, should any particular device fail, the mesh is self-healing and capable of limiting the affect this has on the network as a whole.  The MS120-8LP is even capable of self-updating, pulling down new system software from the cloud whenever a patch is released, ensuring that it's always running the most up-to-date and secure software available.  

Device management is also made simple and easy, thanks to the Meraki Dashboard interface.  This cloud-based administrative platform can be accessed from anywhere, and from virtually any smart device, while still giving the user total visibility into their network from top to bottom.  Through the Meraki Dashboard you can configure high-level global policies, app-level access permissions, or anything in between.  It is remarkably simple to learn, and requires no previous networking experience.

Meraki is changing how businesses of all sizes look at their networks, and the MS120-8LP brings that to even small operations.  Read on for more product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for a full consultation.