NETGEAR Managed Switches

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NETGEAR Managed Switches

Netgear Managed SwitchThe NETGEAR ProSafe line of managed ethernet switches bring world-class switching and convergence solutions to organizations of any size, scope, or budget.  These powerful and stackable switching options allow future-focused deployment of Gigabit Ethernet switch and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch networks for superior LAN solutions.

NETGEAR ProSafe switches can support every level of your network, from the access layer -bringing Gigabit to the desktop- to top-rack aggregation switches featuring robust backplanes and cutting-edge virtualization options.  When stacked, throughput can be up to 1.4Tbps. Top-line models allow easy trunking and link aggregation, forming powerful campus-wide networks that can extend across large areas to remote offices.

Every NETGEAR managed switch brings high-end technology and software solutions, including options for IPv6 support and Layer 2, and Layer 3. PoE+ support comes on most models, along with RPS upgrade potential for expanded PoE+ power budget.  

Expandability is a priority with a NETGEAR Gigabit Ethernet switch, including chassis-based models which allow a variety of I/O blades and daughter boards that add functionality as your needs change.  NETGEAR switches have some of the easiest stacking in the industry as well, enabling rapid network upgrades with minimal downtime or reconfiguration.

Each NETGEAR managed switch is powerful, flexible, and still cost-efficient for operations on a tight upgrade budget.  For more information, read on for product line details, or contact Hummingbird Networks today to see for yourself what a NETGEAR switch can do for your network.

Most NETGEAR switches include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Advanced Replacement Service
  • Simple Setup
  • Affordable upgrade options

No matter which switch you choose, NETGEAR switches are a great option for any company that needs big performance.