XG Firewalls


Sophos xg firewall

One of the unique aspects of Sophos XG firewalls and software security products is the modular hardware and software based approach.  As an end-user, you have near total freedom to supplement your Sophos hardware firewall purchase with a variety of additional software packages based on your own needs.  

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However, for simplicity's sake, Sophos also offers bundles of software products that include their most popular\common offerings at a discount.  For many users, this is the perfect way to get a Sophos security solution which includes everything they need, or will need in the near future, while lowering their investment costs.

The primary bundles for the XG Firewall Series are:

TotalProtect:  The basic bundle, TotalProtect includes the core hardware device, plus Network, Web, Email, and Web Server Protections.  This also includes Enhanced Support, with 24x7 tech support access.

TotalProtect Plus:  The same as TotalProtect, along with Sandstorm Protection sandbox isolation and testing for potentially-malicious files.

Enterprise Protect:  Includes Network Protection and Web Protection, along with EnhancedPlus Support that features VIP preferred support access and four hours' consultation with a senior Sophos engineer on implementation.

There are many options for creating the perfect security environment for your network, without paying for modules you don't need. Download the Sophos XG Firewall datasheet or contact Hummingbird Networks for complete information on Sophos bundles and the various software packages they include.  sophos xg firewall