Ubiquiti airMAX IsoStation

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The IsoStation, boasting a robust die-cast aluminum base and the added convenience of interchangeable antennas, is a cutting-edge networking solution that elevates the performance of your network. This innovative device is available in two distinct models, each designed to optimize and enhance your network's capabilities. By harnessing advanced technology that effectively isolates beam communications between your devices, the IsoStation delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. With its durable construction and versatile antenna options, this remarkable networking solution is poised to revolutionize your network infrastructure. The IsoStation AC is a cutting-edge wireless networking device that boasts impressive throughput speeds of up to 450+ Mbps. This remarkable capability allows for seamless and lightning-fast data transmission, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience. With such high speeds, the IsoStation AC empowers users to effortlessly handle bandwidth-intensive tasks, such as streaming high-definition videos, online gaming, and large file transfers. Similarly, the IsoStation M5 is a formidable wireless networking solution that offers impressive throughput speeds of up to 100+ Mbps. This remarkable performance enables users to enjoy a reliable and stable connection, even in demanding network environments. With its exceptional speed capabilities, the IsoStation M5 is well-suited for various applications, including video surveillance, and VoIP communication.