Universal Wireless AP Rackmount.IT Kits

Wireless access points are in high demand but meeting aesthetic requirements for most businesses can be a challenge. This universal wireless access point mount solves many problems. This one size fits all ceiling mount kit for wireless access points completely hides your access points and makes your workspace appear clean and organized.

This universal access point mount has a simple assembly without knockouts, zip ties, adhesives, or modifications. Installation only takes a few minutes. Easily cut a hole in the ceiling and the mount’s unique housing and swing clamp system squeezes the setup for a secure and low-profile AP cavity. A unique strap system will adapt to hold any device. Turn a dial to tighten, connect all power and data cables and the AP will be secured in place. Once installed, simply snap in the cover flush to the ceiling, and enjoy.

Rackmount’s Universal AP mount features:

  • Brings AP closer, ensuring faster connections
  • Reduces number of AP units required for room coverage
  • Includes hole template for foolproof measurement
  • Quick, screw-less installation
  • The only truly universal mount on the market

Proper access point (AP) installation and placement is a critical step in the wireless design process. Installing an AP on the ceiling ensures that the signal is optimally distributed throughout the workspace and there are fewer dead zones. Mounting it to the ceiling and orienting it based on its RF signal strength will make sure your device is running properly.

Rackmount’s universal access point mount’s unique design minimizes mitigation allowing for optimal signal transmission through the housing and cover. Make sure your employees are happy with stronger signals now that their access points are out of remote areas and are closer to where they are used. All Rackmount mounts are tailored to perfectly fit an appliance, including custom cut-outs for existing appliance screws and an easy access as well as clean look at the front, with all connections leading to it.

Rackmount strives to develop high quality mount kits for major appliances from most of the manufacturers. Their mount kits offer a higher value, at a lower price compared to competitors.