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Veeam ONE - Upfront Billing License (3 Years) + Production Support - 1 Virtual Machine - V-ONE000-0V-SU3YP-00

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  • Virtual infrastructure performance analysis
    Veeam ONE shows comprehensive resource consumption and workload data for hosts, clusters and datastores, with visibility all the way down to individual VMs. Find out at a glance which components of your VMware infrastructure are the largest resource consumers and which ESX(i) hosts are the least loaded. View actual cumulative I/O load on a particular datastore to determine whether it is overloaded or can handle more VMs.
  • Monitoring dashboards
    Veeam ONE includes a summary dashboard for each object in the infrastructure tree, giving you both an at-a-glance view of the most useful information for any object and the ability to drill down to more detailed data.
  • Advanced alerting capabilities and built-in intelligence
    Veeam ONE offers over 125 pre-defined alarms with best-practices thresholds based on years of experience and advanced analysis. An extensive knowledge base explains each alarm and provides possible causes, suggested resolutions and links to additional information. With delivery of alerts via e-mail and SNMP, you can be confident your virtual environment is being monitored whether you're onsite or miles away.
  • Storage monitoring
    Veeam ONE provides full storage monitoring capabilities, including disk space and datastore monitoring. Built-in storage alarms provide notification of possible capacity issues that might occur if virtual disks grow to configured, over-provisioned limits. You can even view and be alerted on datastore load information aggregated from disk utilization statistics for all VMs and hosts using a particular datastore.
  • Visiblity of the entire virtual infrastructure
    Veeam ONE discovers, documents and analyzes your entire virtual infrastructure. It maintains a complete history of all objects, settings and changes, provides data from the perspective you need for assigning chargeback costs, trends performance, and forecasts utilization. With Veeam ONE, you can visualize and understand your complete virtual environment - past, present and future.
  • Automation that saves time and cost
    Veeam ONE eliminates labor-intensive, error-prone and ineffective manual reporting processes, along with associated delays and constant rework. Starting with predefined report templates, you can tailor report data and formats to meet your requirements, and then direct information to be delivered automatically to dashboards, e-mail, web portals, and more.
  • Customizable dashboard
    The Veeam ONE reporting dashboard is a customizable, web-based interface that presents at-a-glance information about your virtual environment. Users get an immediate bird's-eye view of the entire environment and can drill down on any report or chart on the dashboard for more information.
  • Gain a business view of your virtual environment
    Veeam ONE offers an automated, flexible and dynamic way to categorize and group your clusters, hosts, virtual machines (VMs) and datastores by criteria such as business unit, department, purpose and SLA. With Veeam ONE business categorization, you can view and manage your virtual infrastructure based on your organization's needs and priorities.
  • "Set and forget" dynamic categorization
    There is no longer any need for repetitive manual categorization of objects into multiple folders. Simply define the rules and policies for categorizing objects in your VMware vSphere environment and let Veeam ONE take care of the rest, from discovering and monitoring the attributes of your objects to creating the groups into which those objects are assigned. Veeam ONE business categorization keeps your groups up-to-date on an ongoing basis so that you are always assured of an accurate view of your ever-changing virtual environment.
  • Prioritize resource allocation and control VM sprawl
    Veeam ONE's business categorization dashboard shows you at-a-glance the number of VMs and vCPUs and the amount of memory and storage used by the business units, departments, and other categories you define for your organization.

Veeam ONE is a single, easy-to-use solution for managing multiple VMware vCenter servers and standalone hosts. It provides complete visibility of the virtual infrastructure and affordably delivers the capabilities that matter most to VMware administrators.
Veeam ONE combines the power of Veeam Monitor, Reporter and Business View - proven tools used by more than 50,000 VMware professionals. With Veeam ONE, you can manage your increasingly complex and mission-critical VMware environment with a solution from Veeam, the recognized leader in virtualization management and data protection.

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