Vertiv Rackmount.IT Kits


Rackmount designs and develops rack kits for Vertiv desktop appliances. These rack kits give you the ability to mount your Vertiv devices in a 19-inch rack with ease and simplicity. Each rack is custom made for specific appliances form Vertiv, ensuring that the fit is perfect. Also, having custom cut outs for the devices also ensures that cooling is done properly which also ensures device reliability and efficiency.

One of the great features of a Rackmount kit is that it brings all the ports and connection to the front facing panel. This cleans up the look of your workspace, keeping it looking clean and professional. Having the connections in the front also make it easy for device troubleshooting, maintenance, and updates. Rackmount’s kit can be assembled in less than 5 minutes, and it takes no special technician or tools as everything you need is included in the box. Simply slide your Vertiv device in the kit, place the retainers, connect the supplied cables to the keystones and fix the power supply to the rack. The device and power supply are both secured onto the rack to make sure that there is no accidental loss of power.

Using a Rackmount kit for your Vertiv devices is very beneficial for both your device and your business. For physical security, having your device secured in a rack makes sure it is only accessed by those who need to, and it is protected from the elements and other accidents that could be troublesome for the Vertiv device. Rackmount for Veritiv devices will increase the reliability and the efficiency of your device. Each Rackmount kit is custom cut for specific Vertiv models, so each fit is perfect. The custom cut outs also make sure that the device is being properly always cooled to maintain operational efficiency.

Vertiv is a leading critical digital infrastructure provider. Vertiv connects and protects your network with solutions and expertise that is unmatched. Vertiv has a wide range of network devices that will secure your network and optimize its operational efficiency. They develop power, precision cooling and infrastructure management systems for critical process systems.