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adtran 1535 NetVanta 1535P

NetVanta 1535P

The NetVanta 1535P is built with one thing in mind: multi-functionality.  With an array of port configurations including Ethernet, ActivReach, Optical Uplinks, as well as Power-over-Ethernet capabilities, this is a workhorse that's ready for a variety of tasks.

Businesses that buy the 1535P are looking for utility and value in a small package, which it easily delivers because it's so easy to re-purpose.  From acting as the backbone of a small office network, to providing local-only departmental LAN switching, the 1535P can fulfill a wide variety of roles in any networked office.

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Plus, unlike specialized hardware which tends to depreciate quickly, the 1535P can move from role to role as your business grows.  For firms on a tight budget, it delivers a lot of utility with a low TCO.

If you need an all-purpose switch, the 1535P is a superior choice.