NetVanta 1544F

adtran 1544f NetVanta 1544F Switch

NetVanta 1544F

For a fiber-focused operation that sees ever-faster network speeds in their future, the NetVanta 1544F all-fiber Gigabit switch is exactly what you need to quickly implement a modern network.  This unique entry in ADTRAN's range of NetVanta switches brings twenty-four swappable SFP Gigabit Ethernet ports, alongside four more Enhanced 2.5Gbps optical uplink ports.

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The Adtran NetVanta 1544F is primarily intended to serve on the backbone of small-to-medium sized business networks with high bandwidth demands.  However, as your network grows, it can be easily shifted to support a single office or department instead.  Its multi-layer switching fabric, 68Gbps capacity, and multitude of built-in software options allow it to be a truly multipurpose player.

Plus, if your cabling needs change, the convenient SFP ports allow for quick changeovers with pluggable transceivers that support a range of cable options.

This is a superior Gigabit-class switch for operations that need a reliable backbone capable of supporting their demanding applications.  For more information read on for product specifications, or contact Hummingbird Networks with your questions.