Adtran 1748F

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adtran 1748f NetVanta 1748F

Adtran Netvanta 1748FADTRAN adopters now have an option that takes them into true large-scale fiber aggregation. The new ADTRAN 1748F is the fastest and most powerful switch in their lineup, and a must-have for medium-to-large size ADTRAN businesses whose bandwidth needs are continuing to grow.

The 1748F is the first ADTRAN switch to support 40G uplinks via QSFP, along with 48 downstream 10/1G SFP+ ports. This gives it a maximum throughput of 1.28Tbps, making it an affordable Top-of-Rack option for growing global-scale businesses, dedicated data centers, universities, hospitals, computer graphics development, and other bandwidth-heavy operations. Built-in link aggregation allows multiple 10G ports to be combined into 20-40Gb links for even faster downstream speeds.

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This is combined with ADTRAN's usual excellence in on-board feature sets, with robust QoS, Layer 2/3 support, advanced security features including Denial-of-Service protections, and multiple local/remote options for managing connections. Redundant fans and power supplies are hot-swappable, for easy field servicing without needless downtime.

Global bandwidth needs are growing, and ADTRAN is growing with them. Download the ADTRAN 1748F data sheet for more specific product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks for more information.