ADTRAN NetVanta 3450

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adtran 3450 NetVanta 3450

Adtran NetVanta 3450 router

The ADTRAN NetVanta 3450 router line provides excellent backbone support, WAN extension solutions, and highly-secure firewalls for your growing network.  The NetVanta 3450 family includes two swappable Network Interface slots that can handle a wide variety of plug-in interfaces, from dial-up services up to four simultaneous T1 lines, while outputting through dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports.

The Adtran 3450 router  is also enhanced by ADTRAN's revolutionary RapidRoute technology, allowing lightning-fast routing decisions with a minimum of CPU cycles.  This gives the ADTRAN 3450 performance far beyond comparable routers in its class, able to handle even demanding packet-optimization services without any lag or slowdown.

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You also have your choice of ordering an optional Enhanced Feature Pack, which includes full IPSec 256-bit encryption VPN tunneling services,Voice Quality Monitoring, and reports.

Like all ADTRAN's products, the NetVanta 3450 could be an excellent addition to your network rack, or a great option for extending your network boundaries while remaining fully secure.  Contact Hummingbird today for a free consultation on your ADTRAN networking options, or read on for further product details.