ADTRAN NetVanta 3458

adtran 3458 NetVanta 3458

Adtran NetVanta 3458 router

If you need an all-in-one solution that brings high-powered routing and plenty of options in switching and upgrades, the ADTRAN NetVanta 3458 router line may be exactly what you need.

The ADTRAN 3458 router boasts two modular interfaces, which can accept a combination of inputs from dial-up to four T1s, along with 8 Fast Ethernet outputs on an integrated switch.  It also integrates a stateful inspection firewall and Wireless Access Point controller to create a single-box solution for easy cost-effective WAN expansions and local office deployments.

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As part of ADTRAN's commitment to ROI-friendly network solutions, the ADTRAN 3458 is also easily upgradable with a range of options, depending on your needs.  It can be purchased with or without Power-over-Ethernet compatibility, or an optional Enhanced Feature Pack with IPSec VPN tunneling support.

No matter which option you pick, you're getting a device that can easily serve in multiple roles throughout the years to come.  Read on for more specifics, or contact Hummingbird Networks to custom-craft the perfect network for your needs.