ADTRAN NetVanta 5660


Adtran equipment NetVanta 5660

Adtran NetVanta 5660 router

Among their innovations, ADTRAN has become a leader in Carrier Ethernet solutions for smaller service providers looking to provide world-class service to their customers.  The ADTRAN NetVanta 5660 reflects this, combining several hardware functions into a single affordable package designed to minimize overhead and maximize end-user functionality. 

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The NetVanta 5660 is a Carrier Ethernet router that supports full Gigabit speeds as well as seamlessly integrating the Layer 2 communications used in Carrier Ethernet services with the Layer 3 routing often needed in individual LANs.  It incorporates an onboard Ethernet gateway that's fully certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum for Carrier usage.

The NetVanta 5660 is a great option for providing VoIP, streaming video services, and robust cloud access across distributed users.  It can support any combination of Layer 2 and 3 services, along with a highly modular interface design that supports a multitude of inputs and outputs.  The ADTRAN 5660 can be further enhanced with the addition of IPSec VPN support if those are part of your service portfolio.

This single device can become the backbone of your own services, as well as reducing the amount of on-site equipment needed for your users.  It's a powerful, affordable solution to modern Carrier Ethernet services.

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