Adtran Switches


ADTRAN Switches

Adtran SwitchPowerful, versatile and build-to-last.  Adtran Switches are designed and manufactured to meet the switching needs of businesses of all sizes. Adtran switches provide the perfect solution to the Ethernet connection issues of a growing business, including bandwidth expansion, VoIP migration, network security and wireless LAN. The extensive line of Adtran switches possess the capacity, ability and versatility to help a growing business of any size reach their technological goals.

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Adtran Switches are technologically advanced with high speed accessibility and offer the latest in fiber and bandwidth capacity. Yet, Adtran switches are easy to use and possess an industry standard CLI and web-based GUI with configuration wizards and cable diagnostics, making installing and maintaining the network hassle-free.

What Makes Adtran Switches Different?

No matter what other switch manufacturers may say, switches are not one-size fits all.  There's no universal switch that works for all businesses. The Adtran NetVanta line of switches recognizes that fact and offers a line of switches that gives businesses options. Thus, the Adtran NetVanta switch product line has something for every business.  The NetVanta line has the perfect sized, technologically advanced switch to fit your business.
Whether it's one small or a large multisite business, Adtran switches can connect them all. The versatility of Adtran switches helps businesses do the following things:

  • Get connected fast with switches that possess up to 10 Gigabit speeds
  • Handle bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Plan for the future or the present with Quality of Service (QoS), Class of Service, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Voice Over Internet Protocols (VoIP) applications
  • Stay connected with 12 to 48 ports. Adtran switches come in various port sizes, so businesses can always have the right number of ports for their devices
  • Increase functionally and performance with Layer 3 switching performance enhancements
  • Manage devices with an integrated wireless controller (available on most models)
  • Choose between standard, PoE, or PoE+, with options for redundant power
  • Connect IP surveillance cameras and Wireless Access Points
  • Add up to 255 active VLANs
  • Run cable diagnostics
  • Manage the network through web-based GUI, industry standard CLI, and configuration wizards

Adtran Switches are a premium business-class switch with many possibilities. They are developed to meet the highest networking priorities of modern businesses, including bandwidth expansion, VoIP migration, network security and wireless LAN. Adtran switches increase the performance, reliability and security of your Ethernet network. To find out more about Adtran switches, click on one of the products below.