Aruba CX 10000 Series Switches

The Aruba CX 10000 Switch Series provides a flexible and innovative approach to meeting the security compliance, performance, agility, and scalability requirements of traditional enterprise data centers as well as emerging distributed, edge, and co-located "Centers of Data." The Aruba CX 10000 assists network and security administrators in distributing intelligence to the data center network-server edge, overcoming legacy network and security design limitations that frequently necessitate overly complex, inefficient, and expensive architectures designed to address decades-old requirements.

When it is impractical and costly to force traffic back and forth across the network to a centralized policy enforcement point, the Aruba CX 10000 provides performance, scale, and automation for the distribution of advanced networking and security services. Instead, it simply applies services at the services network access layer's edge, where applications run.

The CX 10000 has both the fully programmable AMD Pensando DPU and the Aruba AOS-CX, which is the best network operating system for the data center, campus, and edge. This lets the CX 10000 deliver stateful software-defined services inline, at scale, with wire-rate performance and orders of magnitude scale and performance improvements over traditional L2/3 switches at a fraction of their TCO.

The CX 10000 series lets operators add distributed stateful segmentation, east-west firewalling, NAT1, encryption1, and telemetry services to the industry standard leaf-spine networking. All of these services are delivered inline, all the time, on every access port, closer to where critical enterprise applications run. The CX 10000 distributed services architecture doesn't care about how the network is deployed. This gives the flexibility to deliver stateful services when deployed as access, leaf Top of Rack (ToR), or End of Row (EoR) in a datacenter, and possibly in the aggregation layer in campus or edge data center designs.