Aruba Switch Expansion Modules

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Aruba switches are easy to set up and use. All it takes is a simple command to automatically configure a switch for technicians, and this reduces the need for manual configurations. The reliable features found on Aruba switches also make them a good choice for any business looking for automation and security in their networks. If you’re looking to get Aruba’s top-performing switches, you’ve come to the right place.

Along with other supportive resources like transceivers, expansion modules, stacking modules, and cables, we have everything you need to get your Aruba switch set up. Need to improve network connectivity? With the HPE Aruba 3810M 4SFP+ Module, users can increase their switch's connectivity, speed, and throughput. The module's 10Gbps data speed increases workflow and business throughput; the four SFP+ expansion slots improve data transmission across high-density computing environments like data centers, corporate offices, and small-to-mid-size businesses; and it features a plug-in form factor for fast and convenient installation.

The field-replaceable network module offers protection against downtime in your network. This module has port indicators to enable real-time monitoring of the connection status and you can easily identify the issue. The avails unrestricted cabling with its accessible, ultra-compact design. This module is lightweight and easy to work with. Its rugged build withstands common impacts and it comes with captive screws on the front plate for fast installation. This field-replaceable network module is compatible with Aruba 381016 SFP+, 381024G, and 381048G switches to expand your connectivity.

With the increasing speed of network data transmission and the convergence of voice and data into a single network, the need for reliable, high-performance data networking is greater than ever. Aruba switch expansion modules can be used to increase access ports, augment upstream bandwidth, extend media forms (that is 10GBase-T, SFP+, CX4, XFP), or add stacking capabilities.