Aruba Switch Rack Mounting Kits

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The Aruba switch line offers performance and reliability for whatever you need to do. Aruba switches are the perfect choice for those who want performance and reliability. With industry-leading features, these switches are scalable and secure, making them ideal for any business. Multi-gigabit ports allow for high-speed connections, and with our wide range of transceivers, expansion modules, stacking modules, cables, and mounting kits, we have everything you need to get your Aruba switch set up.

HPE Aruba switch rack mount kits are a great way to save money and get a great fit for your specific device. With front connections and a secured power supply, you can be sure your device will be safe and sound. Custom cut-outs for airflow make this an ideal choice for anyone looking for the perfect way to keep their devices cool.

The HPE Aruba X472 is a 2-Post Rack Kit designed for use with select Aruba products. Aruba has several universal and device-specific switch rack mounting kits so that you can have the look and accessibility you need for your network.

HPE has a solution that fits your specific needs and Aruba's racks are a great way to keep your devices safe and secure. Aruba's universal 2-post racks are the first choice for enterprise environments, schools, and higher education, and the ultimate in flexibility with their compatibility with Aruba's universal and device-specific racks.

Ensuring a secure and stable location for your network devices, Aruba racks are designed with maximum strength, durability, and security. For example, the Aruba JL483B is perfect for the CX 8325 Series

The rack-mount switch can be installed in a standard 19-inch equipment rack or on a desktop or shelf. No matter which type of network switches you are using, make sure that they are securely mounted in the rack and connected to the corresponding networking wiring systems.