The Adtran 3430 Router - The Extra Benefits

Posted by John Ciarlone on 2nd Oct 2015

Adtran 3430Despite its somewhat modest specs, the ADTRAN 3430 Ethernet router continues to be one of our best-selling models among a wide range of growing SMBs. It's a great illustration of how a company truly doesn't need the latest and greatest in technology to get a highly productive network off the ground.

The NetVanta 3430 is a very well-engineered piece of hardware that brings multiple extra benefits, as well as significant options in expanding its feature set. The result is a router that can easily handle the demands of a small business, while also having plenty of potential for deployment in secondary or tertiary roles within a larger operation.

Five Value-Added Bonuses With The ADTRAN 3430

1 - DIM/NIM Slot

Despite its small size, ADTRAN fit an Interface Module slot onto the NetVanta 3430, which allows it to accept a wide variety of connection types. The most obvious use for it is adding up to two T1 connectors, allowing significant flexibility in the 3430's deployment.

The other popular option is adding a Dialup Interface Module, which allows for emergency backup 56/64K copper-wire Internet access, in the event of a broadband outage. That's not enough for normal operations... But it is enough to keep your website or your Point-of-Sale software online, and those are some of your most critical network functions.

2 - RapidRoute

ADTRAN's proprietary RapidRoute technologies allow the NetVanta 3430 to make blazingly fast packet-routing decisions, even when the main processor is being utilized for other tasks like QoS or firewall management. Unlike many other routers in its class, the 3430 won't bog down under heavy use even at near-maximum utilization.

This also makes it an excellent option in a secondary role handling a SMB's VoIP network, while leaving a larger router to control primary Internet access.

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3 - Onboard WiFi Controller

ADTRAN is one of the only major hardware vendors to consider multi-functionality to be a priority, which is another reason they're an excellent brand for SMBs. The built-in WiFi controller eliminates the need for a separate box, while adding very little to the costs of the 3430.

That sort of added value is why ADTRAN continues to grow in popularity.

4 - The Enhanced Feature Pack

The EFP for the ADTRAN 3430 is well-chosen, with two features that startups and small organizations probably don't need, but will be invaluable as a company grows. It allows for IPSec-protected VPN support, with up to 500 simultaneous tunnels. These are protected by high-bitrate DES/3DES/AES encryption for absolutely secure remote connections.

It also adds Voice Quality Monitoring systems, which can enhance your VoIP service by providing detailed statistics on jitter, delay, and packet loss.

5 - Enterprise Border Session Control

You also have the option of adding BSC features to your 3430, for either 50 or 100 simultaneous calls. This adds significant security to your VoIP connections at the point they meet the outside network, and helps facilitate a move towards on-site PBX hosting. As with the EFP, this isn't a feature every business needs - but when it's time to make that change, an affordable license upgrade can prevent the need for a new router.

Hummingbird Helps You Do More, With Less

Here at Hummingbird, we're fully aware that most companies don't have the budget for every network upgrade they'd like to have. That's why we focus on custom-building solutions tailored to your needs, making use of a wide range of products -including serviceable older models- to deliver maximum performance for your money.

To learn more, just download the Adtran 3430 datasheet and contact our experts today for a free consultation on putting together a network that combines power with affordability.

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