Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series

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Catalyst 3650

The Cisco 3650 is a cutting-edge blend of Cisco switching technologies, creating high-powered devices geared towards total convergence of your WAN and WiFi networks into a single unified platform.

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The Catalyst 3650 switch line supports up to 40Gbps of wireless capacity per switch, with optional stacking technologies that allow up to 160Gbps of throughput via four stacked units.  Up to 48 10/100/1000BaseT ports are available per unit, with optional PoE+ support.  Additionally, each Cisco Catalyst 3650 switch contains an integrated WiFi controller capable of supporting 25 wireless access points, and a maximum of 1,000 concurrent users.

Optional redundant power supplies and three separate fans guarantee reliable performance on the Cisco 3650, even during environmental challenges.

These are brought together through Cisco's revolutionary Unified Access Data Plane and the Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) which allows for rich blending of network-wide security policies, applications, and administrative tools.  This brings an unparalleled end-user experience, protected by security services trusted by many of the biggest names in industry.

With a wide variety of options in ports, software options, and capacity, there's a Catalyst 3650 for any business requiring a single platform to unite their wired and WiFi networks.  Industry-leading stacking and energy-saving technologies guarantee future-focused scalability with minimal long-term TCO.

Is your enterprise ready for a Cisco 3650 and unified network operations? Download the Cisco 3650 datasheet for product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation on your options in Cisco converged networking.