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Cisco switches are the most deployed line of enterprise-grade switches in the world.  There's a Cisco Catalyst switch for any size shop, from startups, growing mid-sized ventures, or for the largest of enterprises. Let us help you choose the ideal model from our selection of Cisco switches for sale at Hummingbird Networks.

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Cisco 2960xCisco 2960X

The Cisco 2960X Gigabit stacking switch is excellent for a range of mid-size deployments, and can easily scale through FlexStack. They include 24 or 48 Gigabit ports, your choice of copper SFP, Fiber, or SFP+ uplinks, and optional PoE power.



Cisco 2960 xr datasheetCisco 2960XR

Cisco 2960XR Cisco switch models bring all the benefits of the 2960X line, including Gigabit speeds, PoE power, and 24 or 48 ports, while adding two crucial features. The 2960XR can support IP Lite Cisco IOS software, with dynamic Layer 3 routing. They also allow for field-replaceable redundant power supplies.


Cisco 2960cxCisco 2960CX

Designed to be small, efficient, and affordable, the Cisco 2960CX series gigabit switches have a reduced form factor perfect for small or branch office deployment. They each feature 8 dedicated LAN ports, 2 dedicated uplinks, and 2 combo ports.



Cisco 3650 priceCisco 3650

The Cisco 3650 Catalyst switch is one of workhorses of the Cisco lineup, boasting one-gigabit or ten-gigabit uplink speeds, Layer 2 or Layer 3 routing, and an integrated WiFi controller. This Catalyst switch line includes options for any size of business, large or small, and can be an excellent entry point into Cisco networking.



Cisco 3560cxCisco 3560CX

The Cisco 3560CX brings the power of Cisco Gigabit and 10-Gigabit networking into small spaces. These fanless devices have a tiny footprint, PoE power support, and blazing fast speeds. Superior VoIP support and security make these an excellent choice for small offices, branch deployments, or remote use.



Cisco 3850Cisco 3850

The Cisco 3850 is a superior option for growing mid-to-large sized operations seeking better solutions for voice\video\data convergence. Throughput goes up to 40Gbps per switch, with simple StackWise-480 systems allowing up to twelve units to stack into a single logical switch. This is a Cisco core switch that can grow with you for many years to come.


Cisco 4500 datasheetCisco 4500

The Cisco Catalyst 4500 is a mainstay of large businesses and campuses, with more than 700,000 deployed around the world. Switching capacity goes up to 928Gbps, along with modular slots and full IPv4/IPv6 compatibility. Catalyst 4500 series Cisco core switches are a perfect foundation for a large-scale Cisco borderless network. 


cisco 550x switchCisco 550X Series

The Cisco 550X Series Smart Switches will help you achieve business-class network performance and security without paying for advanced network management features that you will not use. With plenty of options covering a wide variety of usage scenarios, the Cisco 550X series of business-class managed Layer 3 Gigabit switches could be an excellent investment for growing medium-to-large scale organizations.  


cisco 350x switchCisco 350X Series

The Cisco 350X Series Stackable Managed Switches are a new line of stackable managed Ethernet switches that provide the rich capabilities you need to support a more demanding network environment at a very affordable price. The SG350X platforms are Cisco’s most cost-effective platforms with 10 Gigabit Ethernet and stacking. 


cisco 250 switchCisco 250 Series

The Cisco 250 Series is the next generation of affordable smart switches that combine powerful network performance and reliability with the essential network management features you need for a solid business network. Designed specifically for small businesses that still want to excel with enterprise-grade hardware, the Cisco 250 series of smart Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switches deliver all the power of Cisco at startup-friendly budgets. Find the ideal Cisco switch for your small business today!


Copper SFPCisco SFP

Don't overpay for basic upgrades! Hummingbird Networks’ own line of 100% guaranteed compatible Cisco SFP come with a full lifetime warranty, while costing a fraction of Cisco branded fiber and copper SFP.

You have your option of rapid Layer 2 static routing or Layer 3 dynamic routing for extensive WAN deployments.  Cisco switches also come in a variety of speeds, including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10G Ethernet options.  PoE or PoE+ are standard in nearly all current models.  For specialized departmental deployments, they also include a superior range of aggregation switches.

Our easy to use Cisco switch selector brings significant advantages that no other company in networking can offer.

  • Borderless Enterprise Security:  People accessing your network might be in the office, or they might be on the opposite side of the world.  Cisco brings world-class security that's ready for global deployments.
  • Simple Stackability:  Cisco's industry-leading FlexStack Plus system allows for quick linking between Catalyst switches, allowing them to act as an energy-efficient single logical switch for large-scale networking.
  • Modular Designs:  Many switch offerings come with spare bays or multipurpose transceiver ports, specifically so that their switches can grow as you do.
  • Significant Power Savings:  The Cisco PowerWise system is top-of-its-class, delivering smart optimizations every moment of the day to minimize wasted power, without ever compromising speed or reliability.
  • Smart Operations:  SMBs may not have expertise on-site certified in network operations, so Cisco offers a robust set of smart windowed services specifically to simplify administration in smaller deployments.
  • Unified Communications:  Cisco defined "unified communications," and they're still the standard that everyone looks to beat.  No network ecosystem on the market offers more opportunity and options for fully integrated and seamless voice/video/data networks in any proportions.

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