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Cisco 250 Series Smart Switches

Designed specifically for small businesses that still want to excel with enterprise-grade hardware, the Cisco 250 series of smart Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switches deliver all the power of Cisco at startup-friendly budgets.

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These highly reliable switches contain everything needed to establish a basic small business network with room to grow.  Even better, by getting a head start with Cisco, you're ensuring you never need to change network architectures again.  With Cisco, there are options for businesses of every size and with every goal for the future - no matter how large you might grow. cisco 250

The 250 series has a range of options to fit the needs of growing organizations.  The entry level ten-port model still includes PoE power, but in a fanless desktop case that fits even the smallest offices.  Other options bring twenty-six ports, with optional PoE support at either 100W or 195W.  No matter your current situation, Cisco can support you.

Nor do you need extensive networking knowledge to make use of a 250-series Cisco switch.  They have a specially-designed GUI that's friendly to networking newcomers, while still allowing admins to learn the ropes for when they upgrade to more powerful models.  A full range of smart features also make life easier for admins.  The 250 series can auto-detect attached PoE devices, auto-optimize energy use, and balance bandwidth with Quality-of-Service prioritization.  Robust security systems will also keep small businesses safe, in a world where cyber-crime can hit anyone.

With Hummingbird Networks as your partner, you can get a head-start into the world's most popular networking brand.  Contact us to learn more!

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