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Cisco 350X Stackable Managed Switches

An investment into Cisco 350X series Layer 3 switches will deliver superior performance and long-term ROI, for mid-sized businesses that need highly reliable Gigabit-speed networking.  These highly affordable units are easy to deploy, and allow you to seamlessly upgrade their capacity through true stacking capabilities - up to four units per stack.

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Offices with significant Power-over-Ethernet needs will benefit greatly from the 350X series' optional built-in PoE support.  You can get power budgets up to 740W, and your choice of either twenty-four or forty-eight ports.  The range of options available means there's a 350X switch to suit the needs of nearly any business.  Even smaller organizations could benefit from a switch they can "grow into" for some time to come. cisco 350x

These switches also offer high levels of reliability.  VRRP failover services help mitigate any hardware issues within stacks.  Dual firmware support allows for easy network OS upgrades without downtime.

A high level of networking expertise is not needed to deploy and manage these switches.  Smart systems take much of the burden off your administrator, including rapid configuration of attached appliances, automatic power optimization, and built-in security and threat detection systems.  Both GUI and CLI interface options are available, so even those without extensive past networking experience can quickly get up to speed and maintain their 350X-based Ethernet network.

Hummingbird Networks wants to help bring the power and reliability of Cisco networking to businesses of all sizes.  For more information on the many options in the 350X switch series, read on for product details, or contact us directly for a consultation!

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