Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series

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Cisco is a leading provider of IT networking and security technology. They are pioneers in the IT industry and have continued to pave the way forward to a more digital future. They design and manufacture the technology that increases operation efficiencies as well as employee productivity. They develop solutions for businesses of any size and work with businesses in any industry verticals. From SMB businesses that may only have a small team with no dedicated support team, to a large enterprise with a distributed workforce, Cisco has the solutions you need to power your business.

Cisco deigns their switches to build a foundation for digital transformation at your data center, core, or edge. Their switches are always learning, adapting, and protecting. Cisco's switches translate business intent into consistent, automated network policies. Also, stay ahead of evolving threats with integrated security features. Their Catalyst series switches bring wired and wireless together to drive digital transformation. Pave your way to an automated, digital-ready network with access switches.

The Cisco Catalyst 6800 series switches offer an 8-port 40-Gigabit Ethernet module to serve a variety of high-bandwidth needs for the next-generation enterprise. The Catalyst 6800 switch is ideal to build a performing network backbone as this switch can provide the required performance and ports typically required by large campus networks.

Features and Benefits:

  • High-availability options (redundant fans, power supplies and supervisor modules)
  • Flexible line card options
  • High-performance
  • Offers up to 11.4 Tb/s VSS capability
  • Modular switch with various slot options

The Cisco Catalyst 6800 solution offers network administrators the ability to look at buildings in a campus network as a single switch. The entire building can be viewed as a single management entity. This switch can enable uniform wired-wireless policy enforcement, application visibility, flexibility, application optimization, and superior resiliency. Easily manage wired and wireless networks, strengthen security, and simplify your campus LAN with a switch from the Cisco Catalyst 6800 series.

Take advantage of one of the industry's best-integrated and most comprehensive security portfolios. The Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series Switches offer enhanced security and improved reliability at a reasonable cost to you. Shop Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series Switches, today!