Cisco Refresh (Refurbished)

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Cisco Refresh Allows You To Extend Your Budget with a Price-Competitive and Trusted Alternative. Contact Hummingbird Networks for more information.

Cisco employs the industry's most comprehensive and proprietary remanufacturing processes. From initial inspection and testing to cleaning and packing, only Cisco - the original manufacturer - can truly refurbish and certify to the same level as new. 

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The Cisco Refresh Certified Difference

  •  Peace of Mind: Genuine Cisco refurbished equipment without compromise to performance, quality, support, and warranty as with new product.
  •  Low Cost of Ownership: Competitive pricing, no hidden costs, and financing that maximizes value over every aspect of the solution lifecycle.
  •  Optimum Performance: Latest proprietary hardware and software upgrades help ensure maximum in-network  performance, reliability, compatibility, and scalability.
  •  Mix New and Old: This isn't an either/or option. Depending on your needs, you can freely purchase either Cisco New  or Cisco Certified Refresh in whatever mixtures are right for your network.
  •  Incremental Network Expansion: The money saved from remanufactured Cisco options can often allow you to  begin investing in your next-generation technologies now, on a piece-by-piece basis.
  •  Top-Grade Hardware: this isn't simply End-of-Life or last-generation hardware being sold, as even the newest  models will quickly come back as businesses' needs change and exchanges are made.

 Invest In Your Network's Future

 With the new Cisco Refresh initiative, it's easier and more affordable than ever for small-to-medium sized businesses  to standardize early on the most widely adopted networking platform in the world. Virtually every major enterprise  turns to Cisco, sooner or later. Why not jump on board now?

Cisco is used almost universally by the biggest organizations in the world and is consistently one of the leading innovators in new network technologies. They set the standard for scalability with systems that can cope with the largest networks built by man. In short, Cisco Refresh is a smart purchase because Cisco is the networking provider you can never outgrow. Browse our selection of refurbished Cisco products today!


Cisco Refresh Quick Reference Comparison Guide:

Feature New Cisco Equipment Cisco Refresh Equipment Cisco Equipment from Unauthorized Sources
Availability and Supply All products are available for order directly from Hummingbird Networks. Available from Hummingbird Networks, a Cisco Refresh Certified Reseller. Products may have been obtained illegally, out of the country, the gray market, or maybe even counterfeit. Why put your network at risk?
Peace of Mind Genuine Cisco without compromising performance, quality, or support. Cisco Refresh products come with the same warranty as new and are Cisco SMARTnet eligible. With Cisco Refresh there is no compromise to performance, quality, or support. There is a difference between Cisco Refresh Equipment and other used Cisco products. Cisco offers no assurance as to the quality, warranty, authenticity if it is counterfeit or gray market product. These products are not SMARTnet eligible. Can you risk for your network to be out of compliance?
Fully Tested and Certified by Cisco YES


Remanufactured, tested and certified to factory specifications by Cisco. Proprietary hardware and firmware product upgrades applied before shipping.


Quality varies by seller, as no market standard exists. These products are not verified by Cisco and may not be secure. Can you take that chance?