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Cisco switches deliver best in class performance, security, and scalability to businesses of all sizes. If you’ve brushed off Cisco due to budgetary concerns, now is the best time to take another look. With the Cisco Refresh program, you benefit from certified Cisco equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. The savings potential for Cisco Refresh products is upwards of 65%. Our inventory of Cisco refurbished switches covers current generation and legacy including:

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Cisco 2960
Cisco 2960G
Cisco 2960X
Cisco 2960S
Cisco 3560X
Cisco 3560G
Cisco 3750G
Cisco 3750X
Cisco 3850

When you purchase certified refurbished Cisco switches through the Cisco Refresh program you get peace of mind. With Cisco Refresh you can be confident the products are:
• Fully tested by Cisco in a Cisco remanufacturing facility
• Restored using genuine Cisco parts to Cisco’s exact standards
• Upgraded with the latest proprietary hardware and software upgrades
• Fully licensed and shipped with valid IOS software licenses
• SMARTnet eligible
• Backed by the same warranty as new Cisco

Since network technology advances every few years, more and more business are upgrading the equipment when it still has plenty of life left. A majority of the equipment in the refresh program comes from new product overruns, demos, product testing, and exchanges. The Cisco Refresh program provides a tangible sustainable solution.

As a Cisco Refresh reseller, we are fully certified and knowledgeable on all of the benefits the program brings to any network infrastructure. Since Cisco Refresh is a circular program, product availability is updated daily. Be sure to contact us if you do not see the Cisco switch you are looking for.

refurbished cisco switches