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Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service With Defective Media Retention and Accidental Damage Protection G2 - Extended Service Agreement - 3 Years - Pick-up and Return - U09K5E

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Product Line:
Electronic HP Care Pack
Extended service agreement
Term Of Contract:
3 years
Pick-Up and Return Service with Defective Media Retention and Accidental Damage Protection G2
Service Location:
Pick-up and return
Class of Equipment:

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  • Remote problem diagnosis and support
    When experiencing a problem, the customer must first place a call to a designated support telephone number. HP will provide basic telephone technical assistance with installation, product configuration, setup and problem resolution. Prior to any remote or offsite assistance, HP may ask the customer to provide relevant information, start diagnostic tools and perform other supporting activities at the request of HP. HP will then work with the customer remotely to isolate the hardware problem.
  • Repair, materials and parts
    If the problem, as determined by HP, cannot be resolved remotely, an HP-authorized representative at an HP-designated repair center will provide technical support on the failed hardware product once the hardware product has been received at the HP-designated repair center. HP will provide HP-supported parts and materials necessary to maintain the covered hardware product in operating condition. HP may, at its sole discretion, elect to replace such products instead of repairing them. Replacement parts and products are new or equivalent to new in performance.
  • Return shipment
    An HP-authorized courier will return the repaired or replaced product to the customer's location, if it is within the geographic location where the service was provided.
  • Pick-up by HP
    An HP-authorized courier will pick up the failed equipment at the customer's site within the country where the service is provided and deliver it to the HP-designated repair center.
  • Turnaround time
    Turnaround time for this service will be five HP business days for eligible geographic locations, except for intermittent failures that may require additional repair time. Turnaround time is measured in elapsed days from the time the unit is picked up at your site by an HP-authorized courier or received during business hours at the HP-designated repair center if delivered or shipped by the customer, until the repaired product is ready to be returned to your site.
  • Coverage window
    The HP Hardware Support Offsite Services, as described above, are delivered remotely and at HP-designated repair centers during standard business hours on standard business days.
  • Accidental damage protection
    For eligible products, specific service levels may be offered with accidental damage protection. Where accidental damage protection applies, the customer receives protection against accidental damage to the covered hardware product as part of this service.
  • Defective media retention
    For eligible products, this service feature allows the customer to retain defective hard disk or eligible SSD/flash drives that the customer does not want to relinquish due to sensitive data contained within the disk covered under this service.

Hardware Support Offsite Service offers high-quality door-to-door service for eligible HP products. The service includes telephone support, pick-up, repair or replacement of the failed unit at an HP designated repair center, return of the operational unit with a three business day turnaround time and all parts, labor as well as the cost of the pick-up and return shipment.
In addition, the accidental damage protection will help you to avoid unexpected repair or replacement costs caused by accidents that may occur during normal operation of your mobile and desktop devices.
For eligible products, defective media retention feature allows you to retain defective hard disk or eligible SSD/flash drives that you don't want to relinquish due to sensitive data contained within the disk covered under this service.

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