Fortinet E(z) RF Application Suite Licenses

Fortinet E(z) RF Application Suite Licenses is the first solution of its kind to provide proactive operations and diagnostics for wireless networks and the applications that run over them. It does this by using Meru's virtualized WLAN technology, which gives an IT manager a complete client's-eye view of the network. This makes it easier to identify and resolve any problems before they have an effect on real users.

Service Assurance Manager generates virtual clients on existing access points, which then inject traffic over the air utilizing application profiles that correspond to the requirements of actual network services. This is done rather than the traditional method of monitoring the network in a passive manner. Enterprises are able to assure high service levels for every application that operates over a wireless network without the need for manual troubleshooting or extra sensors.

Because virtual clients behave similarly to real clients, Service Assurance Manager is able to accurately analyze application performance by monitoring the status of its injected packets as they go over the network.