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E(z)RF Application Suite Service Assurance Manager - License - Up To 250 Access Points - SAM-250

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$39,995.00 $31,796.03
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  • Proactive network-wide diagnostics
    Unlike traditional wireless network management systems, Meru's Service Assurance Manager does not depend on users reporting problems. Instead, it proactively finds network problems by using virtual clients that give the management server an unparalleled insight into overall performance. It can quickly isolate faults or potential issues, whether they occur at the radio layer or in the backend wired infrastructure.
  • No manual testing and troubleshooting
    Meru's Service Assurance Manager requires no labor-intensive site visits. Fully automated, it can be scheduled to run at any predetermined time or continuously, building a complete profile of application performance under varying traffic loads. And no additional hardware or software infrastructure is needed, as it runs on the same access points that serve clients and the same Plug-and-Play appliance as Meru's E(z)RF Network Manager software. Each virtual client keeps track of performance through all the other access points in its neighborhood, forming a comprehensive neighborhood watch for wireless.
  • Virtual clients in a real network
    E(z)RF Service Assurance Manager is only possible because of Meru's virtualized Wireless LAN technology, instantiating virtual clients in the same way that the network already creates virtual access points. But though it uses virtualization, its tests are not simulations. It can run the same applications as real clients, using the same authentication system and subject to the constraints. The rest of the network treats packets from virtual clients the same way as traffic from real clients, routing them through the same airwaves, wires, access points, controllers and servers.

Meru's Service Assurance Manager is the industry's first proactive operations and diagnostics system for wireless networks and the applications that run over them. It uses Meru's virtualized WLAN technology to give an IT manager a true clients' eye view of the network, finding and fixing potential problems before they affect real users.
Instead of passively monitoring the network, Service Assurance Manager creates virtual clients on existing access points which actively inject traffic over the air using application profiles that match the requirements of real network services. Requiring no manual troubleshooting or extra sensors, it gives organizations a way to guarantee high service levels for any application running over a wireless network.
Because the virtual clients act just like a real client, Service Assurance Manager can accurately track application performance, monitoring the progress of its injected packets as they travel through the network.

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