HP Enterprise Host Bus Adapters


Are you in the market for a Fiber Channel (FC) adapter for a cutting-edge data center of the next generation? The HPE Host Bus Adapters are designed to handle workloads that are mission-critical and applications in development that have strict requirements. The size and variety of applications are always growing. To better support their operations, businesses are increasingly adopting new server technologies that come equipped with hundreds of CPU cores and high-performance storage solutions, such as low-latency Non-volatile Memory Express (NVMe) and all-flash arrays (AFAs). Since NVMe will substantially boost the performance of storage area networks (SANs), picking a networking technology that supports high speeds is very necessary if one want to achieve optimum performance throughout the whole system. In comparison to the HBAs of the previous generation, the HPE HBAs provide increased bandwidth, decreased latency, increased security, and improved operating efficiency. It provides your network with backward compatibility that runs smoothly.