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Linksys VPN routers

Linksys VPN Routers

Even smaller businesses have a need to go on the road or quickly expand their operations into multiple offices.  The difficulty is in keeping the network experience consistent across every location, including both accessibility as well as concerns such as security. Linksys now has a perfect solution to this scenario with their VPN routers.

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Linksys VPN routers are an all-in-one solution for allowing employees in hotels, point-of-sale kiosks, trade shows, and more to connect directly to your network in a safe and secure way.  By using Virtual Private Network tunneling, they connect directly to your primary network over local lines, but without compromising any security protections.

These VPN routers are designed to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible.  They feature support for OpenVPN Server, along with two-factor authentication for extra security.  An integrated firewall helps ensure both sides remain safe, even if you have no control over the local wiring being used.  Automatic IPv6 transitioning means they can connect easily across dual-stack systems.  Up to 50 IPSec secure VPN tunnels can be established at one time, guaranteeing all the applications your workforce need will continue to operate from anywhere.

Both options in Linksys VPN routers feature four Gigabit Ethernet ports for users, as well as a Gigabit uplink.  The Dual WAN model takes this further with dual uplinks, along with automatic failover support, so that if one network connection is lost connectivity will seamlessly continue on the other.  

All this is easy to set up and use thanks to Linksys's simplified web administration interface.  Anyone can easily manage the routers, and Linksys's own EasyVPN client ensures the hassles of setting up a secure connection are minimized.

Linksys understands that even SMBs may need to take advantage of enterprise-grade features if they're going to continue to compete and get ahead. Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about Linksys's VPN router options.