Meraki Go Licenses


meraki go security license Meraki Go Security License

Meraki Go Security Subscriptions are an optional license add on that delivers an extra layer of robust security protection. Block access to malicious websites and domains automatically. Powered by Cisco Umbrella, the Meraki Go Security Licenses are available in 1,3, and 5 year subscriptions. With this extra layer of security your protecting your business from phishing attempts that trick your users into entering personal information or from downloading malware. Phishing attempts and malware are becoming more and more sophisticated exposing your data and business information to the highest bidder. With the Meraki Go security subscriptions your Meraki Go GX20 Security Gateways are able to use DNS based security measures to block malicious traffic from your network.

Once Meraki Go licensing is purchased, this added layer of protection is easily activated with a single toggle on the Meraki Go app.