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5 Minutes to Faster WiFi

Meraki Go was built for small offices or small business owners and are the easiest to configure on the market. With indoor and outdoor WiFi access points, Meraki Go delivers feature rich WiFi at an unbelievable price. Simply plug into your modem or router and your entire location us covered in minutes. 

The Meraki Go app makes it easy to manage your business through the cloud, securely from anywhere. 

A Meraki Go Subscription is required for each access point which includes performance, feature,a security updates, technical support from Meraki engineers, and full management. The Meraki Go app allows you to control your entire WiFi network from anywhere at your fingertips. Recommended maximum of 20 Access Points.



multiple wifi networks

Multiple WiFi Networks

Easily set up a guest WiFi network to
separate guest users from your point of sale system or internal devices. Stop worrying about guest accessing any confidential records and deliver a strong guest WiFi network.

limit usage

Limit Usage

Prioritize business-critical apps like
Square or Quickbooks with Usage Limits. Set your network to prevent guest from hogging all the bandwidth needed for your business to function. 

web blocking


Web Blocking

Keep sites you don't want on your network away with Web Blocking. Secure your network and protect your users, all through the Meraki Go App.

 access from anywhere

Access from Anywhere

Receive emails notifications if network ever goes down and check in to your network from anywhere in the world.


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See how to easily setup a guest WiFi network, block websites and more with these video tutorials. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a Meraki Go Subscription to utilize the access point?

Yes, the Meraki Go subscription will allow you to fully take advantage of the features of the access point. Through the Meraki Go App you can block users from accessing certain sites, keeping your network and company information secure. The subscription also allows for application prioritization like Square or QuickBooks. Support from Meraki engineers is included with the subscription through the Meraki Go app.

How do I view my Meraki Go subscription information?

Accessing your Meraki Go subscription information is a breeze through the Meraki Go portal. If this is your first time accessing your subscription information you will be asked to enter your information when you create you Meraki Go account. If you need to add another Meraki subscription for an additional device you can do so by logging into the portal and clicking the “add subscription” link. (if you don't see "add subscription", click your name in the top right, click manage products, and then click add subscription).

Am I able to create a separate guest network?

Yes, the guest isolation feature with the Meraki Go access points enables you to restrict guest access. With the client isolation feature you can prevent users from interacting with anything else on your network such as Point of Sale devices, printers, other users, and security devices. Users on a network with Guest network enabled will essentially only be able to reach the internet but could potentially slow your network down without the proper settings configured. If you are looking to create a separate guest network then we suggest that you go with a more robust wireless access point such as the Meraki MR33 which will give you a separate Guest Network feature and more.