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5 Minutes to Build Your Network

Meraki Go was built for small offices or small business owners and are the easiest networking products to configure on the market. 

Meraki Go is a complete networking solutions that's simple, mobile, and secure. Have your business network up and running in minutes with Wireless Access Points, Switches, and Firewalls all managed through the Meraki Go Mobile App. 

The Meraki Go app allows you to securely control your entire network from anywhere at your fingertips. Just simply login to the app to manage your WiFi, deploy one tap security configuration, get automatic security and software updates, and monitor network health. 






multiple wifi networks

Multiple WiFi Networks

Easily set up a guest WiFi network to
separate guest users from your point of sale system or internal devices. Stop worrying about guest accessing any confidential records and deliver a strong guest WiFi network.

limit usage

Limit Usage

Prioritize business-critical apps like
Square or Quickbooks with Usage Limits. Set your network to prevent guest from hogging all the bandwidth needed for your business to function. 

web blocking


Web Blocking

Keep sites you don't want on your network away with Web Blocking. Secure your network and protect your users, all through the Meraki Go App.

 access from anywhere

Access from Anywhere

Receive emails notifications if network ever goes down and check in to your network from anywhere in the world.


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See how to easily setup a guest WiFi network, block websites and more with these video tutorials. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a Meraki Go Subscription to utilize the access point?

No subscription needed. 

What industries is Meraki Go suited for?

Meraki Go networking products are designed for small businesses, independent retail stores, hospitality business, and anyone with a brick and mortar location. Meraki Go enables your business to increase brand awareness through the creation of custom splash pages leading to more social check-ins at your location. With Meraki Go you'll always have peace of mind that your employees are able to connect to the devices they need with a secure and stable network.