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Next-generation Meraki switching products make an offer that almost sounds too good to be true: High-end, high-bandwidth edge switching with administration so simple that even network administrating newcomers can quickly get up to speed. However, it is real, and that's exactly what the Meraki MS425-16 aggregation switch delivers.

Meraki Switch

With 10- and 40-Gigabit ports and a total switching capacity of 480Gbps, the MS425-16 provides all the bandwidth needed for even data-heavy operations such as high-resolution video conferencing, terabtye-sized file transfers, and robust metro Ethernet services. Full physical stacking capabilities makes expansion simple and intuitive, without major reconfiguration required. As you add bandwidth, this Meraki switch can scale alongside.

Meraki is a true pioneer in easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy mesh-based smart networking systems. No other brand of high-end switches has such a dedication to making life for admins easier, with plenty of smart self-configuration and configurable alerts that keep admins in the loop at all times. A Meraki network practically administers itself.

Hummingbird Networks carries a full line of MS425 switches, as well as accessories and associated licenses. Read on for more product details, or download the MS425 datasheet.