Singlemode LC-LC 9/125 Fiber Cables

LC to LC Singlemode Duplex 9/125 Fiber Patch Cable

Hummingbird Networks' own singlemode duplex 9/125 fiber cables with LC to LC connectors can help you build your long-distance network with less money invested!   Singlemode fiber is perfect for transmitting data over long distances at rapid speeds.  A single duplex cable can transmit/receive 10Gpbs or more over several kilometers reliably, allowing for both upstream and downstream transmission.  If you're wiring a large campus or installing WAN infrastructure, singlemode fiber is the most reliable cable option.

Hummingbird's singlemode duplex fiber patch cables can be ordered in custom lengths, and uses standard LC-LC connectors.  Matching optical transceivers are also available for your network - just ask!  Plus, all of Hummingbird's fiber optic cables are covered by our own limited lifetime warranty.   Contact Hummingbird Networks today to place your order.