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Ubiquiti UniFi AP In-Wall

unifi in-wall apA truly innovative product designed to enable 802.11b/g/n WiFi within a business at a minimum of space expense, UniFi AP In-Wall units actually replace the Ethernet jacks you already have installed around the office.  Any existing standard in-wall Ethernet port can be quickly retrofitted to support WiFi as well.  If these Ethernet ports were already attached to a DHCP-enabled switch, you can transition seamlessly to local WiFi with little to no disruption of current services.

UniFi In-Wall APs feature 2.4ghz radios with a range of 25 meters and a maximum speed of 150Mbps, on top of their Ethernet support.  Each has two Ethernet ports - a standard data port, as well as one supporting both data and 802.3af PoE power.  It's an excellent low-cost, low-disruption alternative for adding WiFi that your workforce can use throughout the office, as well as enabling you to easily add 802.3af internet appliances such as IP telephones and security cameras.

Like all Ubiquiti UniFi products, the In-Wall APs are controlled through Ubiquiti's centralized software dashboard, which gives admins full oversight of an entire Ubiquiti network at a glance.  From these In-Wall APs, to full-featured standalone APs, to security appliances - the dashboard gives you full control, regardless of the size or geographic extent of your network. 

in-wall access pointWill Ubiquiti In-Wall APs be the right solution to bring WiFi to your office in a cost-effective fashion?  Download the UAP-IW datasheet and contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation on Ubiquiti and their unique price-conscious offerings.