VTech Conference Phones


VTech business phones

Conference calls are a mainstay of modern business, but all too often the hardware gets in the way.  Many conference phones tend to be noisy, or have difficulty picking up voices unless users are standing directly over the unit.  

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VTech has addressed these concerns with a range of conference phones designed for superior sound and superior usability.  Full-conference duplexing with digital mixing and equalization provide superior sound quality, while DECT compatible wireless mics ensure everyone can sit comfortably while using the conference phone.  Whether you only need a handful of people in the same office, or have over twenty-five people whose voices all need to be clearly heard, there's a VTech conference phone solution to fit.

VTech conference phones offer many particular advantages, including:

  • Full room coverage:  Thanks to their DECT 6.0 wireless microphones, a VTech conference phone covers the entire room.  Need to cover more space or more people?  Just add more mics.
  • Superior talk time:  Each wireless mic has enough battery capacity for 12+ hours of use, and plug into magnetic charging bays on the base when not in use.  
  • Bluetooth connectivity:  Some models can be paired directly with a smartphone to make cellular calls, or allow for usage of Bluetooth headsets when a call needs to go private.
  • Dual use models:  Want to reduce the amount of technology in your office while still using it for meetings?  Select a VTech conference phone which can double as a personal desk phone.  It's the best-of-both worlds solution.
  • Both SIP and analog models:  No matter which communications infrastructure you have in place, there's a VTech phone to fit.
  • Great warranty coverage:  Every phone is covered by a two-year warranty, along with a replacement program that guarantees warranty claims will be fulfilled with new -not refurbished- technology.

VTech combines superior technology with affordable prices to create can't beat conference phones which are perfect for businesses of any size and scope.  No matter how many people need to be in on the call, VTech will ensure they're heard loud and clear - even if the meeting goes on for hours.

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