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VTech IP phoneVTech SIP phones

With more and more businesses moving to IP-based telephony solutions, it's only a matter of time before traditional copper phone lines begin to fade away.  There are too many benefits to SIP phones, and very little reason to stay on older hardware except -perhaps- the costs of upgrading.

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With VTech SIP phones, that isn't an issue.  Their wide range of desk phones makes it simple and affordable to replace the phones in your office with IP-based solutions that can be quickly implemented in any network environment.  VTech has wide compatibility with existing PBX solutions, including open source, hosted, and on-site implementations, to ensure it's a smooth transition.

VTech even offers their own Unified Communications platform - ErisTerminal - which can help you immediately leverage the benefits of SIP telephony, even if your existing network lacks a UC platform of its own.

There are plenty of great features you can enjoy with VTech SIP phones, including:

  • A wide range of options, from everyday desktop phones to executive-level models.  You can outfit each worker with the perfect model for their needs, and have them all connect seamlessly.
  • Superior sound, with VTech's own HD voice codecs for clear encoding\decoding of voices.  There's no more of the "squelchy" sound associated with low-quality IP phones or online apps.
  • Wireless models, using VTech's proprietary Orbitlink Wireless Technology.  You can get crystal-clear wire-free phone calls, with up to six handsets pairing with a single base station.  Or, pair your DICT-compatible headset for hands-free usage.
  • XML and URL support, on some models, allows you to greatly expand the phone's capabilities with custom apps and extra features.
  • Dual Ethernet ports with PoE support allow you to quickly integrate VTech phones into your existing network setup, while minimizing the extra wires used.  
  • Local call recording, on models equipped with Micro-SD slots, allow quick and easy call logging on these ubiquitous portable storage devices.

Few vendors make it easier and more affordable to upgrade to office-wide VoIP telephony than VTech.  If it's time to move away from old analog based telephones and into the far more flexible world of SIP telephony, contact Hummingbird Networks to discuss the advantages of VTech.