Yealink Conference Phones

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yealink conference phones

Yealink puts quality Voice-over-IP conference phones into the hands of small-to-medium sized businesses.

Yealink conference phones are a perfect solution for mid-sized conference rooms, capable of supporting up to 16 local participants.  The unique design stands out in boardrooms, drawing subtle attention to itself while providing superior sound reception with its 360-degree pickup and Optima HD voice quality.

Out of the box, Yealink conference phones feature a three-microphone array with a 10-foot pickup radius.  For larger rooms and more participants, up to two optional satellite microphones can be added, doubling the pickup radius while still keeping every individual user's voice clear and distinct.

Yealink also goes above and beyond with features, including many that are either paid upgrades or simply unavailable on other boardroom conference phones.  Its premium features include:

  • A built-in USB port for direct recording of calls to thumb drive, which can be initiated at any time.
  • Automatic acoustic echo cancellation systems for improved sound.
  • Five-way conferencing support.
  • Linking systems for cellular phones and PCs for increased conference calling options.
  • XML/LDAP remote phone book connectivity.
  • 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet support
  • QoS 802.1p support for intelligent network traffic routing
  • Superior network security features, with HTTPS and IEEE802.1X secure OpenVPN support.

Yealink places a premium on interoperability with existing systems and hardware.  Their conference phones, like all their telecommunications products, are highly standards-compliant and designed to quickly and easily integrate with your other telecommunications investments.  Yealink does not withhold features to try to push other Yealink purchases.

Further, Yealink requires no additional licenses past the point of sale.  This increases their value for businesses looking for great conference phones at reasonable prices.

Budget-conscious businesses get a lot from an investment into Yealink products.  Their superior quality, above-and-beyond feature set, and dedication to interoperability makes them an easy choice for many business owners.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about your options in Yealink telecommunications.