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yealink desktop ip phones

Yealink is one of the global leaders in digital teleconferencing, and their T-series of business and enterprise-grade SIP phones illustrates exactly why. Yealink VoIP phones combine superior designs with high-quality hardware and streamlined ease-of-use which make them the phone of choice for enterprises around the world.

Their large range of phone types at many feature- and price-points makes it simple to outfit an operation with high-quality Yealink phones suitable for every job role, while keeping deployment costs to a minimum. From basic use phones suitable for large-scale rollout in cubicle divisions to absolutely top-quality executive products with beautiful displays and videoconferencing capabilities, there's a Yealink SIP phone for everyone.

There are three primary lines of Yealink SIP phones: 

T2 Series

The entry-level models, Yealink T2 phones are perfect for large scale deployments involving hundreds of employees or more. All Yealink T2 phones feature digital displays, SIP compatibility, and a simplified user interface which requires minimal retraining. Advanced models are suitable for managers, with large backlit displays, Bluetooth compatibility, and audio recording features.

T4 Series

Suitable for offices of almost any size and budget, the T4 is the most popular line of Yealink VoIP phones. With screen sizes ranging from 2.7" to a massive 7" executive model, T4 phones combine style and grace with superior flexibility and feature sets. The top-line T49G even includes a high-resolution 1080p camera and touch screen for simple videoconferencing.

T5 Series

The T5 series redefines "executive quality." Brilliant screens combined with video cameras on the top-line models set into sleek attractive bases make these a perfect match for any C-level office. The T5 series are not mere phones; running on either Linux or Android they have extended feature sets and can be extensively customized to meet your specific needs.

For operations of any size or budget, Yealink has excellent phones to meet and surpass all their day-to-day usage needs. To learn more about Yealink's full line of SIP phones, click through to the product pages or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for more information.