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Hailed around the world for their superior products and advanced ease-of-use, Yealink is the 2nd biggest supplier of SIP phones and teleconferencing equipment on the planet.  Their wide range of products, with individual models available for any given price point or job role, make them a superior solution for businesses - particularly given their highly competitive price points.

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With a product line encompassing SIP desk phones, wireless SIP or DECT handsets, and full videoconferencing systems, Yealink can transform your office with universal digital communications at budget prices.  They also feature a strong focus on standards adherence and interoperability, meaning that Yealink can work seamlessly with many other phones and SIP systems - including smartphones and tablets.  This same standards adherence also makes Yealink products a breeze to set up, with low deployment times and minimal retraining needs.  Their videoconferencing systems, in particular, are among the easiest-to-use on the market.

Plus, with Yealink, there are no additional licenses required.  All features are unlocked and ready to go out of the box, adding to the value for budget-conscious businesses.

Yealink offers:

VoIP Desk Phones

Yealink has VoIP desk phones to suit any business and budget, with feature sets ranging from the minimal to truly executive-level.  Whether looking to provide hundreds of sets for a cube farm, or set up your C-level with the latest in videophone technology, there is a Yealink phone for every budget and job role. 

Wireless Handsets

Yealink SIP and DECT compatible handsets combine sleek design, simple usability, and truly superior battery life.  With talk times starting at 10 hours and going up to 30, these phones can last even the most talk-intensive worker all day - and then some.  SIP models also feature multiple simultaneous calls as well as support for multiple SIP providers. 

Videoconferencing Solutions

No one makes high-resolution 1080p videoconferencing easier or more affordable than Yealink.  Their VC-series videoconferencing systems are remarkably easy to deploy, while offering simplified setup and bandwidth-balancing options that keep connections stable even with fluctuating data rates.  Built-in features such as direct call recording to USB add to the value.

To explore Yealink's full range of products, click through to the individual product types - or just contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation!

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