Yealink Video Conferencing System


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Businesses looking for affordable and robust video conferencing systems have a new brand to consider, and they bring substantial benefits to the conference room table: Yealink. Yealink video conferencing systems combine a high-tech feature set with some surprisingly thoughtful features, but with a price tag which is substantially lower than many competing products.

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Simplicity is one of the key goals of Yealink videoconferencing. Their products are designed to be exceptionally easy to set up, nearing plug-and-play levels of ease. In most cases, very little technical expertise is needed to set up a Yealink video system. Complementing this is a genuine desire by Yealink to support inter-operability with many other brands by embracing widely-used video and audio standards. Yealink can easily connect directly to their own videoconferencing products, or to video-enabled Yealink phones, or via many other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, despite using high-resolution cameras capable of 1080p pictures, Yealink uses video compression codecs such as H.264 aimed at minimizing transmission sizes while still maintaining video quality. Yealink videoconferencing does not require large amounts of bandwidth. Yealink also has a "no extra licenses" policy, meaning that their products are full-featured out of the box without the need to pay extra to enable features. This helps keep pricing reasonable and predictable.

There are three primary products in the Yealink videoconferencing line:

VC400: Intended as the central hub for a home office, with the controller to support 4- or 8-party simultaneous video calls.

VC120: Intended as the endpoint units for remote offices participating in multi-party calls, or for point-to-point calls.

VC110: The entry-level point-to-point model, excellent for smaller organizations looking to offer high-end videoconferencing on a budget.

A company investing in Yealink videoconferencing gets a lot of bang for their buck. To learn more about Yealink products, click through for more information or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for a full consultation.