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Linksys doesn't just mean "consumer hardware" anymore.  With their recent jump into business-grade hardware, Linksys is expanding their focus and creating an easy route for growing SMBs to jump into high-end networking with a full range of access products.  By utilizing their expertise at making simple-to-use systems backed by high-quality hardware, Linksys makes a compelling argument for SMBs to use them as a stepping stone towards superior networking products.

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Linksys has the products you need to take your business to the next level, including:

Smart Switches

Linksys smart switches are an excellent low-cost choice for business-grade networking in systems with 100 or fewer concurrent users. These smart switches can be easily configured, complete with QoS prioritization for your most important connections, then left to keep your network running smoothly while you focus on doing work.

Managed Switches

The future focused option in SMB switching, Linksys managed switches give you plenty of options in configuration and network traffic management, backed by superior onboard security options.  10-Gigabit uplinks as well as simple options for expanding your network with additional switches make these a great option for businesses who know they're trending towards growth.

WiFi Access Points

Linksys is well-known in WiFi already, and their line of business-grade WiFi access points makes it easy to outfit a smaller business with superior WiFi connectivity.  With both 802.11ac and 802.11ac wave 2 options, there is a wide variety available in price and speed, with a model suitable for nearly every need.  Built in captive portal support and guest access options make these great for restaurants, cafes, and similar establishments looking to add free WiFi for their customers.

VPN Routers

Linksys VPN routers let you take your business network on the road, while still connecting to the home network safely and securely. These sturdy all-in-one boxes combine highly secure IPSec VPN tunneling with onboard firewalls to maintain security, without compromising your workforce's need to access your systems from anywhere.

Linksys networking products require minimal maintenance and oversight, and are designed to be set up and then simply used.  You get simple utility and reliability with Linksys.

Read on to learn more about specific Linksys products, or contact Hummingbird Networks directly for more information.