Linksys Managed Switches


Linksys managed switch

 Linksys Managed Switches

Linksys managed switches are an excellent option for growing small-to-medium sized businesses looking to have the most possible control over their network traffic flow while future-proofing themselves against coming network growth.  

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More complex than Linksys smart switches, the Linksys managed switch line includes everything you need to manage a complex network easily and simply, while keeping costs reasonable.  Linksys offers a simplified GUI browser-based interface that allows you to easily oversee and manage your network, without the need to utilize a command line or overly-complicated administrative software. Remote monitoring options make it simple to see who's accessing your network at any time, from anywhere.

Linksys managed switches feature both options for Layer 2 and Layer 3 Lite compatibility along with IPv6 support, backed up by advanced security features including MAC-based security, DHCP snooping, and port binding functionality.  Admins can easily ensure their Linksys network is locked down and safe from many common intrusion methods.  Linksys managed switches also include robust Quality of Service (QoS) configuration options, allowing you to easily shape your network traffic and put priority on those applications which are most critical for your business success.

You have choices between 28 or 52 port managed switches, along with optional Power-over-Ethernet support, with up to 30W of power per port.  Utilize gigabit speed SFP and 10 gigabit SFP+ uplink connections offered on different models.  This gives you plenty of room to grow into the full capabilities of your Linksys managed switch.  Likewise, Linksys makes expansion easy with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Storm Control support, simplifying the process of creating a full mesh of Linksys switches to power your business.

Linksys has taken their knowledge of easy-to-use network devices from the consumer sector and used it to create equally easy-to-use network Linksys managed switchdevices for SMBs.  The combination of affordable, high-quality hardware and simple software makes Linksys a solid choice for growing operations.

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