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NETGEAR Smart Switch

NETGEAR smart switches are an excellent and cost-effective way for growing small-to-medium sized businesses to implement the foundations of a world-class network.  These Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switches are designed to enable digital convergence with superior VoIP and videoconferencing, while still remaining easy to deploy and manage.

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NETGEAR Gigabit Smart Switches

NETGEAR 10 Gigabit Smart Switches

NETGEAR S3300 Smart Switches

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The line of NETGEAR switches has plenty of options, to fit businesses with a wide range of budgetary and performance demand.  You have your choice of:

  • 8 to 52 ports
  • Copper, fiber, or mix
  • Fast Ethernet or Gigabit speeds
  • Layer 2 or Layer 2+ software
  • Optional PoE or PoE+ support
  • PoE/PD powered device features
  • IPv6 passthrough or IPv6 management features
  • Rackmount, deskmount, or "go anywhere" standalone designs

Every NETGEAR Gigabit switch or NETGEAR Fast Ethernet switch provides plenty of smart software to go along with their smart hardware features.  Each NETGEAR switch includes robust automated security systems, protecting against DOS attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing attempts, and malware intrusions.  They also offer onboard DCHP clients with DHCP snooping for tighter control.

An entire deployment of NETGEAR smart switches can still be managed via a single easy-to-use Smart Control Center GUI, which allows zero-touch deployment through auto-configuration.  Your administrator gets powerful traffic-shaping tools, including 801.2x Flow Control and advanced QoS systems.  These NETGEAR switches can also auto-detect and auto-provision most VoIP or video appliances downstream.

A NETGEAR Smart Switch can put businesses of any size on a road to networking success, and easy future upgrade roadmaps.  Read on for further details, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation on NETGEAR networking.