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Western Digital Overview

For nearly as long as there have been personal computers, Western Digital has been one of the most important innovators in digital storage solutions.  In 1981, they were picked by IBM to provide hard drives for the original PC line, and ever since, Western Digital has been trusted by both the public and businesses to store their data.

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Today, Western Digital hard drives, solid state drives, and other storage solutions are the perfect choice for home businesses, SMBs, and even larger organizations looking for exceptional value-for-money.  The combination of price and performance offered by Western Digital storage products is difficult to beat, and powerful enough for all but the largest and most demanding of applications.

The Western Digital product lineup includes:

  • Internal Hard Drives - Western Digital has been involved in hard drive manufacture since the beginning of personal computing, and their traditional HDDs continue to provide superior capacities and performance.  Their lineup is extensive, with options for home businesses, gamers, professionals, video surveillance, NAS, and more.
  • Internal SSDs - Solid State Drives offer the fastest in access and transfer speeds, giving an immediate performance boost to any application.  Western Digital SSDs include options for both desktop and laptop computers, SATA speeds, and storage of up to 2TB.
  • Portable Storage - Western Digital has an extensive line of hard drives and SSDs designed for on-the-go use.  From basic home portability to WiFi-capable systems that also feature SanDisk card compatibility, Western Digital portable storage goes far beyond the limitations of thumbdrives when you need a lot of data to go.
  • Network Attached Storage - Western Digital's NAS setups are a great solution for SMBs, as well as homes looking to balance data usage between family and business use.  These are easy to configure, with one-touch backups and robust onboard security.  
  • Personal Cloud Systems - Have your own personal cloud, anywhere.  Whether it's for business or home use, Western Digital makes cloud drives simple for anyone to setup and use.  With options up to 20TB in storage, you'll never lack for space.

To learn more about how Western Digital storage solutions can fit your business style, your lifestyle, and your budget, read on for more product details.  Or, contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more.

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